Color Design Services

Color prices based on consultation. The color lines we use are ONLY professional brands that are superior in quality and artistically blended by your stylist. The results are pure, dimensional and radiant colors.

Single Process Root Touch-Up $60.00
Single Process Roots to Ends $90.00
Cap Highlight $120.00
Partial Foil $150.00
Full Foil $200.00
Ombre/Balayage * starting at $250.00
* The Balayage technique typically requires a consultation beforehand to discuss the desired results. This technique is a free-hand painting of varying levels of highlight to add overall lightness in a more natural, subtle way. The Balayage technique can result in an Ombre finish, with most lightness concentrated on the ends, if desired. Bringing a few pictures to your consultation will better aid your stylist.

Hair Design Services

Hair Design prices may vary by experience level, length of hair and time. All prices listed are the starting prices.

Women's Cut and Style $70.00
Women’s Cut only $40.00
Men's Cut and Style $25.00
Shampoo/Blow Dry $40.00
Updo $80.00
Men’s Color or Relaxer $50.00
Men’s Color and Cut $60.00
Scalp Massage and Wash $25.00

= Available as a QuickService (please call for details)

Hair and Scalp Treatments

Experience profound hair transformation with a signature in salon treatment. Ask your stylist which ritual is right for you.

Instant With Fusio-Dose $60.00
A made-to-measure blend of the most active ingredients that penetrates each hair fiber for instant transformation.
Total Renewal Deep Conditioner $75.00
Experience total hair and scalp rejuvenation with our highest concentration of rare and precious ingredients plus pampering scalp and shoulder massage to refresh, renew, and reinvigorate.
Luxury of Time Kérastase starting at $200.00
Achieve a 33% easier and longer-lasting blowdry. Unmanageable hair is tamed, full of movement and frizz free with results that last up to 21 shampoos. (When using a Discipline at-home regimen.)

Smoothing System

This is a revitalizing and rejuvenating treatment for the hair especially formulated to eliminate up to 95% of frizz and curls. Free of damaging chemicals such as formaldehyde, it results in healthy, straightened hair. Lasts 3 to 5 months.

Keratin Smoothing System starting at $160.00
Takes 2½ hours. Not recommended if you will be swimming in salt or chlorinated water. The duration of the treatment and the price depend on the density and the length of the hair.

Facial Treatments

Free Face Mapping and free Dermalogica product samples available. Please consult with a skin care therapist.

QB Signature Facial $80.00
Deep pore cleansing facial for all skin types to maintain skin health. Includes steam, extraction, anti-stress massage, and a customized finishing masque.
QB Age Smart Facial $80.00
Are the signs of aging becoming more prevalent on your skin? Give it a revitalizing power boost with this treatment designed to nourish, regenerate, and energize skin! Potent vitamin and hydroxi acid exfoliation resurfaces and retextures skin while nourishing botanicals are penetrated. Therapeutic massage techniques release tension in your face, neck, and shoulder muscles for the ultimate in skin therapy. Firmer, smoother, revived skin you'll love is yours with this amazing treatment.
Ultra Sonic Facial $75.00
Ideal for all skin types. This three-stage system uses low frequency ultra sound to gently clean and to remove dead skin cells. Provides deep penetration of nutrient rich ingredients and micro current therapy to restore skin to a healthy balance.
MediBac Clearing Treatment $55.00
This deep cleansing treatment followed by professional exfoliation to remove pore- clogging skin cells and extractions to help clear current breakouts. Our soothing professional masque detoxifies skin while calming irritation and redness.
QB Teen Facial $80.00
Our new Clear Start Products combine serious medicated ingredients with skin soothing botanicals. Tough on breakouts but kind to your skin. Includes a foaming cleanse, pore control scrub, steam, extraction and a purifying cooling masque. Receive 10% off Clear Start Product purchase.
Purifying Back Treatment $90.00
An amazing stand-alone treatment designed to rid your back of impurities. A deep cleansing scrub is followed by steam and extractions, finished with a customized purifying masque.

Body Treatments

QB Body Wrap $250.00 Add On Mini Facial $50.00
It includes a whole body scrub, a body hydration wrap and a relaxing time on our heated bed plus a mini massage. Ideal for people that are looking for relaxation plus skin transformation, especially in winter time when skin gets dry and chapped.
Autumn Body Wrap $200.00 Add On Mini Facial $50.00
A body hydration wrap and a relaxing time on our heated bed plus a Swedish massage. Ideal for people that are looking for relaxation plus skin hydration.

Nail Services

At QuickBeauty we take pride in using all disposable, sanitized and sterilized equipment. We use disposable linings to protect your feet and hands from touching the bowls. All files are disposable and our metal equipment is sanitized and sterilized after every client.

QB Natural Manicure $20.00
Soak, cut, file, clean, cut cuticle, hydrate, quick massage and polish
Pedicure $30.00
Soak, cut, file, clean, cut cuticle, scrub, hydrate, quick massage, hot towel and polish
QB Mani and Pedi $40.00
It’s a combination of manicure and pedicure done on the SAME DAY
QB Special Toes $30.00
It follows the same procedure as pedicure but it needs more attention for the in-grown nails
Nail Polish Change $8.00
File and polish ONLY
Foot Nail Cut $10.00
Soak, cut, file, scrub and hydrate
QB Super Spa Pedicure $45.00
Follows same procedure as pedicure and adds a refreshing foot masque, with more buffing away of the dead skin.

Add On Nails

Simple Hand Free Decoration $1.00 each
Design $2.50 each
French Design Manicure or Pedicure $5.00 each
Manicure or Pedicure Paraffin treatments $20.00
Paraffin treatments also smooth and soften dry, chapped, rough and scaly skin.

= Available as a QuickService (please call for details)

Massage Treatments

Massage therapy is the practice of manipulating the muscles and connective tissue of the body to reduce tension, enhance blood flow, activate the relaxation response and promote healing.

Benefits of Massage Therapy:

  • Physical relaxation
  • Improved circulation which nourishes cells and removes toxins
  • Relief for tight muscles (knots) and other aches and pains
  • Greater flexibility and range of motion
  • Enhanced energy and vitality

Monthly massages are available, please ask for more information. We offer a minimum of 20 minute massage and prices are adjusted to it.


Swedish Massage

A Swedish massage is a massage style that combines different hand movements to break muscle knots, based on Western understanding of physiology and anatomy. At a spa, a licensed massage therapist usually does 50 – 60 minute Swedish massage sessions; the session covers the entire body. A typical Swedish massage session starts with the application of massage oil on the client's skin.

30 minutes $30.00
60 minutes $60.00

Deep Tissue Massage

Deep tissue massage is a very specific massage technique utilizing heavy pressure. Therapists look for shortened muscles and/or distorted postural patterns. With slow deep strokes, the therapist works to lengthen the muscle fibers, to restore balance, and to re-establish structural and functional integrity to the greatest degree possible for the client. This massage increases range of motion.

30 minutes $45.00
60 minutes $75.00

Hot Stone Massage

Designed to enhance deep relaxation, this massage is intensified by the use of hot lava stones. The heat penetrates deep into the muscles, melting away layers of tension and stress.

30 minutes $30.00
60 minutes $60.00

Sport Massage

Ideal for pre or post event, whether it be a marathon or working around the yard. This massage is designed for specific muscle groups and helps keep the muscle and tissue in prime condition while releasing chronic tension and improving ease of movement.

30 minutes $35.00
60 minutes $70.00

Lymphatic Massage

The lymphatic system, a sister circulatory system to the cardiovascular, plays a crucial role in our body’s ability to ward off disease, heal from injury, and detoxify. It also supports all the other systems of the body. In essence, Lymphatic Drainage Therapy increases circulation of the body fluids, stimulates the immune system, and promotes a state of relaxation and balance of the autonomic nervous system which may result in: detoxification of the body, regeneration of tissues, anti-aging effects, reduction of overall fluid buildup and swelling. Continued treatments will greatly benefit your overall health and support your immune system.

60 minutes $60.00


Waxing tends to have the longest period in between regrowth. So if you have thicker, coarser hair that grows back quickly, waxing is the best option for shaping. Prices may vary based on time, amount of hair growth, and size of area.

If you are on Retin-A or Accutane, please inform us.

Eyebrow Tweezing $20.00
Tweezing of the eyebrow creates a more natural finish because we’re working closely with individual hairs and it requires more time. We recommend this for those that have wax allergies.
Eyebrow Design $30.00
When well designed and compatible with the shape of your face, eyebrows not only enhance natural beauty and expression, but also highlight personal characteristics, making a difference in your look.
Brazilian $50.00
Waxing of the total back, front, and between.
Bikini $40.00
Waxing of the areas around the triangle and total waxing of the behind area.
Lip $10.00
Full Face $50.00
Chin $15.00
Underarm $20.00
Lower Arm $25.00
Full Arm $40.00
Lower Leg $30.00
Upper Leg $35.00
Full Leg $55.00
Chest $55.00
Back $55.00

IPL - Laser Hair Removal

Single Service 6-Session Packages
Chin $50.00 $250.00
Lips $50.00 $250.00
Face $100.00 $550.00
Under Arms $60.00 $300.00
Full Arms $130.00 $700.00
Half Arms $100.00 $550.00
Full Legs $180.00 $1,000.00
Half Legs $130.00 $700.00
Chest $100.00 $550.00
Stomach $100.00 $550.00
Back $180.00 $1000.00
Brazillian Bikini $130.00 $700.00

= Available as a QuickService (please call for details)


Don’t have a lot of time? Let our expert skin therapists and amazing products target your most pressing skin concerns in a snap!

Takes only 30 minutes each!

Age Repair $30.00
Pack your skin with nutrients to repair and revitalize while fighting visible signs of aging with this mini restorative treatment.
Flash Exfoliation $30.00
Resurface, smooth, and brighten dull, lackluster skin with this power exfoliating treatment. Get your glow on!
Moisture Boost $30.00
Rehydrate and replenish dry, thirsty skin with this intense moisture quench for your face.
Ultra Calming $30.00
Super soothing treatment using calming botanicals and Colloidal Oatmeal to relieve sensitized skin.

Add-on Options

Add-on Stress Relief Back Massage $15.00
Add-on Reflex Foot and Lower Leg Massage $15.00
Add-on Clarisonic Opal Eye Rescue Treatment $15.00

Simultaneous Services

Our salon can provide you with 2 or more services at the same time with the same quality as a single service. Our furniture is specifically designed to allow our specialists to work together and provide this signature service.

QuickBeauty was built for those busy people that don’t have time to spend more than an hour at a salon. You can get your hair and nails done in less than an hour and spend the extra time doing what is really important to you.

The following combinations can be done at the same time:

Shampoo/Blow Dry + Manicure + Pedicure
Up Do + Manicure
Men’s Color or Relaxer + Manicure
Single Process Root Touch-Up + Manicure + Pedicure
Single Process Roots to Ends + Manicure + Pedicure
Cap Highlight + Manicure + Pedicure
Partial Foil + Manicure + Pedicure
Full Foil + Manicure
Ombre/Balayage + Manicure
Manicure + Pedicure + eyebrow
Pedicure + under arms wax
Instant With Fusio-Dose

QuickService cannot be booked online. Please call the salon to book these services.